Tips for Making Home Exterior Design Stand Out More

The exterior design of the house is like the face of your home. The aesthetics of this home reflect the overall design style of your home. In addition, the exterior design of the house acts as a first impression on your guests. Maybe you want to make a home exterior design that stands out. The following are some tips to make the exterior design of the house stand out more:

Exterior Design

Focus on the Main Design of the House

The materials needed will vary depending on the main design of your home. For example, for a minimalist design, stainless doors and windows in black or white can be the best choice. As for the classic impression, wooden doors and windows with carvings will give a perfect feel.

Choose a Different Door Color from The Exterior of The House

The exterior design of a house that stands out is usually complemented by choosing the right door leaf color. This is because choosing the wrong color for the door can make the function of the door less than optimal. Just imagine when the exterior color of your house is gray, then the color of the door is also gray. Aesthetically it may be less attractive. In addition, the door may be less easy for guests to find. It’s a good idea to choose a different color for the entrance. Apart from mixing colors, you can also play with textures to maximize the function of the door and the aesthetics of the exterior of the house. For example, combining wooden doors with warm color patterns with iron trellis doors.

Select a Functional Window

The exterior design of the house also needs to be equipped with a window model that matches the overall home design. Like whatever your interior and exterior home design is, the window model must fulfill two aspects. The window model must meet aesthetics as well as function. Windows that meet aesthetics will make your home exterior beautiful. However, functional windows will enhance the aesthetics of the exterior of the house. This is because functional windows allow the exterior of your home to get natural light. In addition, functional windows also provide ventilation to facilitate air circulation. So, guests who visit will not only admire the exterior of your home. But also feel comfortable when in the exterior zone of the house.

Choose the Right Home Exterior Roof

The exterior roof of the house does have a clear function, namely to protect the exterior zone of the house from changes in the weather. Of course, a strong roof will keep the exterior design and furnishings intact. Therefore, you need to choose a roofing material that is of high quality and has high durability. So, the roof is not easily peeled off and even cracked. Then, what roofing material is right for your home’s exterior? You can choose ceramic, concrete, galvalume or spandex materials. Just choose the strongest material supporting your home’s exterior. Of course, choose a roofing material according to the weather conditions in the surrounding environment.

Paint Color Combinations for Home Exteriors

The combination of paint colors is one of the important things to determine the exterior aesthetics of your home. Because, choosing the wrong paint color combination can reveal imperfect exterior parts. For example, such as basins or cracks in the wall. Conversely, the right combination of exterior house paint colors can beautify the aesthetics. Because the right paint color combination can hide parts that are less than perfect. The most effective way is to choose the main color first. Then just choose a color combination. For the main color, choose a color according to your taste. Then for color combinations, just choose a lighter or darker color. Anyway, don’t choose the same tone.

Adjust other Elements with the Facade of the House

You have defined the large elements from the door to the window. Now, it’s time to determine the ceramics for your terrace. No need to be confused about choosing a model and color. And offers various types of the best ceramics that are suitable for various exterior concepts for your home. For lovers of a natural exterior with a tropical concept, dominated by warm beige and brick colors, this ceramic will give a warm and cheerful impression.

Customize the Exterior Design with Your Furniture

The exterior design of the house cannot be separated from the interior of your house as a whole. Therefore, you should match the exterior with the furniture in the house. You can choose a wall paint color that matches the color of your home’s interior furnishings. For example, for a residence filled with wooden furniture, natural colors such as brown and cream can be applied to the exterior zone. Meanwhile, for furniture that is mostly made of mild steel, black, gray, and silver are perfect choices.

Arrange Good Lighting

Good exterior home lighting can accentuate your home’s exterior architectural elements. So, the exterior aesthetics of your home can be maximized. You have a vintage ornament at the top of the exterior wall, of course you need sufficient lighting so that the ornament can be seen. In addition, you can also use exterior lighting to maximize the function of your home’s exterior. For example, if you have a garden, installing lights can facilitate the activities of residents. Installation of garden lights can also secure your home. Because lighting in the exterior corners of the house will make it easier for you to monitor dangerous things that must be addressed immediately. For example, dangerous animals or sharp fragments.

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