The Most Interested Types of Home Walls & Materials

The function of the walls in the house is to muffle sound, become a barrier, protect from the sun, and much more. In order for the designation of the house to suit your wishes, let’s know which type of house wall you will choose. Check out the full review below!

1. Types of House Walls with Horizontal Arrangements

The choice of a wall with a model like this is suitable for those of you who like colonial or traditional home styles. Because the model of houses like this is suitable for simple buildings. Usually you will find this type of wall made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement.

The shape is a city and has components that are arranged symmetrically, you can also reach the sides of the house.

2. Types of House Walls with Fiber Cement Panels

Choosing a wall material with fiber cement panels can last a long time, besides that the walls will be fire and water resistant. Large sheets of fiber cement panels can create a flat surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fiber cement panel design is similar to the image of wind movement. The use of this material can give the impression of a contemporary home.

3. Material Board on the Wall of the House

If you want to make a traditional style house, the use of board material is the right choice. These walls are arranged vertically to create the appearance of a tall house with planks on the sides.

Board type walls can be found in the form of wood and fiber cement. The appearance can make the residence feel comfortable to look at.

4. Shingle Wall

You can find types of shingle walls in the form of vinyl (polymer), wood, and fiber cement.

5. Plastering Wall Material

Your house has a large surface on the exterior? Plaster material is very suitable for this case.

6. Types of Home Walls with Wood Strip Material

If you want to create a warm atmosphere in your home, just use wood as the material. Either laid out vertically or horizontally.

The front of the house will look more eye-catching from a distance.

The use of this wooden wall must have a membrane that can hold water behind the wood.

If not, water can seep and enter to damage the interior of your home.

Types of House Walls. Which one do you choose?

The various walls of the house turned out to be more than just wood and boards.

It turns out that there is a wall made of metal, you know

Curious about the rest?

Check out the info below.

1. Types of Brick House Walls

Brick walls are very commonly chosen by the public. Because bricks can make a house durable and its maintenance is not difficult. In fact, it almost does not require special care The bricks will form a pattern by stacking them.

2. Types of Wooden Walls

Not many wooden wall materials are used because the price is relatively expensive. However, you can make buildings from different wood materials for different purposes. For example, as a space intended for a photo studio or private villa. However, you must pay attention to maintenance so that the wood used is durable.

3. Wall Type GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete)

GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) is a cement-based wall covering mixed with fiberglass. GRC materials have many advantages, namely; relatively light but strong, weather resistant, and can be printed in any shape. The classic look with intricate moldings and column designs is now easily achieved with GRC materials.

4. UPVC Wall Type

UPVC walls have various shapes and colors according to your wishes.

5. Glass Wall

For those of you who want maximum light from the sun, just use glass wall materials. The wall function is very easy to use because you can plant it on the floor or mounted on a frame so that it can be opened or moved.

6. Metal Wall Type

This metal material is rarely used by residents of the house in general. Compared to copper and steel, metal selection is more durable and requires less maintenance. For those of you who like industrial residential styles, metal walls can create a contemporary style.

Finishing with Paint

Paint is an option that is always chosen by many people. Different paint colors can give a different impression from each house. For a bolder wall appearance, you can give patterns to mural images using only paint.

Finishing with Wallpaper

There are many ready-made wallpaper images. You can choose from patterns to picture wallpapers.

Finishing with Natural Stone

Walls with natural stone textures can make your home feel like you’re in the wild.


Ceramic walls are currently a trend among instagramable homes. Wall ceramic material can be the right choice for you.

The material, which is water-resistant as well as anti-mildew and dirt, won’t make you bother taking care of it.

Unfinished / Exposed Material

Walls like this are often seen in industrial-style houses. The original wall material can start from brick, concrete, to building plaster. The impression of a rustic-style house can also be present in your residence,


You can expose the original wood material for residential walls. The use of materials like this must be given extra coating protection to maintain its durability.

Brick does not feel heavy like brick.

However, many people do not like brick walls because they can make the house tend to be stuffy and hot.

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